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CWR Seminar: Novel imaging - Applications in Archaeology
Date 15/10/2014 at 16:00:00

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Venue Blakers Lecture Room, Ground Floor, Mathematics Building, The University of Western Australia.
Speaker Paul Bourke & Vicky Winton, Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, & Faculty of Arts, The University of Western Australia

Paul Bourke will present two novel imaging technologies and how they are being applied to recordings in archaeology. The first is high resolution photography, that is, acquiring images many tens of times higher resolution than any single camera can capture. The second is the reconstruction of 3 dimensional geometry solely by taking photographs. These techniques, while familiar in some disciplines, are both becoming more widely used and at the same time the algorithms and resulting quality is improving. A survey of the state of the art will be presented along with examples from archaeology and heritage.


Paul Bourke is the director of the iVEC facility at The University of Western Australia. He is also a visualisation researcher at UWA providing support and expertise to researchers within the University and to the other iVEC partners. During his career he has worked in organisations where he concentrated on architectural, brain/medical,and astronomy visualisation. Of particular interest are novel data capture and display technologies and how they may be used to

facilitate insight in scientific research, increase engagement for public outreach and education, create immersive environments, and enhance digital entertainment.


Vicky Winton, will then discuss how the imaging technologies are being used by the federally funded Weld Range Web of Knowledge Project for cultural heritage management purposes.


Vicky Winton is an archaeologist at UWA and Director of Research for the three year Weld Range Web of Knowledge Project. The project aims to undertake basic research of poorly documented Aboriginal sites at Weld Range (near Cue in the Mid West region of Western Australia) and assist Wajarri Traditional Owners in developing cultural heritage management protocols and skills.

Vicky has been working closely with Wajarri Traditional Owners at Weld Range since 2009. She trained in the UK and has previously worked on archaeological projects in Europe and Africa, settling in Western Australia in 2008. Outside research, Vicky works as a consultant.

PS* This seminar is free and open to the public & no RSVP required.

****All Welcome****

Facilitator Clelia Marti
Organiser Askale Abebe
Student Host Ezra Jacobs-Smith

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